We assume responsibility for present and future generations.

Protecting natural resources is an issue close to our heart – also as part of glass product production. Euroglas has established a process to live up to this claim.


Air pollution control

Protecting resources not only involves energy efficiency, but also monitoring emissions caused by the melting furnace. An electric filter significantly cuts fine dust particle and nitrogen dioxide emissions, beyond legal requirements. EUROGLAS additionally cleans the emissions using a so-called DeNOx system, which adds a solution of ammonia and water to catalyse the nitrogen oxide compounds into nitrogen and water vapour.

Heat recovery

We use the thermal energy dissipating from the combustion gases for heat recovery. We produce around a third of our plants' energy as part of this process.

Cullet recycling

Our patented cullet recycling system cuts the primary energy consumption by around 9%.

environmental Protection

Maintaining the natural basis of life thanks to environmental protection and recycling.

red flowers on shards

Thanks to our patented cullet recycling system we have established a cycle of valuable raw materials to protect resources.