Float glass production

Panoramic view float glass production

What is float glass and how is it produced? Glass production in Germany

Fire and Energy as source of float glass production

Fire and energy as the source of float glass production

Fire is our element. We must keep it burning otherwise everything will grind to a halt. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, we make sure that our furnaces remain fired up and our glass conveyor belt keeps moving. Furnaces are up to 60 metres long and up to 30 metres wide. Around 6,000 metric tons of fireproof bricks and 1,000 metric tons of steel were used during their construction. It takes more than 1,500˚C to melt a batch inside the furnaces.

Fire - the source of our drive
Fire also characterises our corporate spirit. Just like our furnaces are never switched off, we are also driven by a dynamism to develop innovations within the world of glass over and over again.

Furnace builder in Ujazd/Poland
Furnace builder at the molten tin bath, monitoring

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