Professional logistics

Ideally suiting demands: our material flow from production to construction site.

Euroglas logistics guarantee on-time delivery and ideal protection of the cargo. Our warehousing guarantees our customers are also provided with mixed loads at short notice. Our inside loaders ensure convenient, cost-efficient and safe unloading processes. We collect our customers' full cullet containers for the return journey and reintroduce this vital raw material to the production process. We fulfil export orders for our customers by sea or rail as necessary.

Euroglas solar hall

We can deliver large, specific dimensions in packages up to 27 metric tons.

Precise, safe loading of glass.

Precise and safe handling of sensitive commodity.
Glass with wooden packing in truck loaded by employee

Glass transport at the Haldensleben plant premises.

Glass rack on glass transporter moving across the Haldensleben plant premises

Lightweight inside loader with a net load capacity of 28 metric tons

Glass on rack half in the truck in front of a Van Huet building