We take on the responsiility for current and future generations.

Conservation of natural resources is a primary concern for us – also in the manufacturing of our glass products. Euroglas has established a process to address this concern appropriately.

Air purification

Conservation of resources doesn’t just mean energy efficiency – it also includes the control of exhaust emissions from the furnace. An electrostatic filter greatly reduces the emission of fine dust and sulphur dioxide, so that the regulations are more than met. In addition, Euroglas cleans exhaust fumes
using a so-called DeNOx machine which, with the addition of ammonia water, catalyses the conversion of nitric acid to nitrogen and steam.

Heat recovery

The waste heat of the combustion gases is used to recover energy. Our factories generate approximately one third of the power in this way.


Our patented glass recycling system enables primary energy consumption to be reduced by approximately 9%.