Fire and Energy as source of float glass production

To us, top performance is an obligation.

The fascination of fire and the energy of our glass is our inspiration.

Fire is our element. It can never be allowed to stop, or every-thing comes to a standstill. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we keep our furnaces fired up and our ribbon of glass flowing. The furnaces are up to 60 metres long and 30 metres wide. Approximately 6000 tonnes of refractory bricks and 1000 tonnes
of steel were used in their construction. A temperature exceeding 1500˚C is needed to melt the contents inside.

Fire - the source of our drive

Fire also characterises our entrepreneurial spirit. Just as our furnace never stops, we too are spurred on by the drive to continually break new ground in the world of glass.

Float glass production

Panoramic view float glass production

Production process

flat glass production graphicLäuternLagern und LiefernLagern und LiefernSchneidenSchneidenKontrollierenKühlenFormenSchmelzenAnliefern und MischenAbluftreinigung und Energierückgewinnung

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Furnace bricklayers Ujazd, Poland
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