Fahrradfahrer vor der Euroglas-Produktionshallee

Diese beiden Mitarbeiter aus dem Werk in Haldensleben freuen sich über die Unterstützung für Ihre Jobräder.


Mobile company: Job cyclists at Euroglas

Cyclists not only save petrol costs and contribute to climate protection; they are healthier than car drivers, so studies say. Because regular cycling strengthens your muscles, invigorates your lungs and also enhances your mood. Why not make use of the journey to work to exercise your legs by pedalling rather than simply pressing the accelerator down? For almost two and a half years now, the company bicycle competes with the traditional company car at EUROGLAS, offering an alternative that is not only inexpensive but also sustainable and healthy.

In 2015, EUROGLAS gave the go-ahead for the option of bicycle leasing. The concept is simple: Thanks to the special tax regulations, the desired bicycle can be acquired directly from the employer and paid conveniently via the monthly payroll as a so-called deferred compensation – including tax benefits. EUROGLAS has been able to encourage many employees to change over after the new regulation: At the moment, 80 cyclists in Osterweddingen and Haldensleben are currently participating in the leasing campaign and can not only use their new racing bike, city bike or e-bike on the way to work, but also in their leisure time.

Acquiring a bike from your employer has only been possible in Germany since 2012. Due to the tax basis for bicycle leasing – the so-called "1 percent rule" – job cyclists benefit in several ways. Leasing is cheaper than buying a bicycle from the shop and there is the option of getting a new bicycle every three years. At the end of the leasing term you can buy the bike at the residual terminal value. In addition, there is almost no limit to the selection of bikes available – whether Pedelec or Dutch roadster, the job bike dealers offer almost anything the cyclist's heart desires.
The continuously increasing number of cycle leasers at EUROGLAS shows that the job bike is definitely a competitor for the company car, and that this paves the way to more sustainability and a healthier way of life.