• Office building with glass bridge  in New York

    Glass bridge connect American Cooper Building

    see reference

  • 3000 tons of glass all the time. Every day.

  • [Translate to English:] BĂĽrogebäude mit Glasfassade

    Unique buildings arise with SILVERSTAR coates glass.


  • 20 years of tradition and innovation.


European glass production

We are a European float glass manufacturer and coating provider with Swiss roots and a corporate history spanning a century. We create a fascinating material made from quartz sand, fire and energy – glass. We produce this with passion at four sites in Europe. Our range includes float glass, coated glass and safety glass

SILVERSTAR Combi Neutral 70/38

Solar control glass offering plenty of daylight

Reference: Oerlikon train station

Eye-catchers made of glass: EUROWHITE NG guarantees clear colour experiences