Copyright © 2018 Åke E:son Lindman, Lindman Photography

Caption: The extra-white float glass provides colour-neutral optics that underscore the clear aesthetics of the cube.

Copyright © 2018 Åke E:son Lindman, Lindman Photography

On the street side, the wooden lamellae allow for elegant visual privacy.

Copyright © 2018 Åke E:son Lindman, Lindman Photography

Thanks to the use of EUROWHITE NG as the basic glass, the triple insulation glazing provides maximum transparency.


Clear Lines – Clear Glass

EUROWHITE NG ensures a neutral coloured, highly transparent glass façade A new ambassador’s residence has emerged next to the existing chancellery building of the German Embassy in Stockholm. With its simple, clear-lined aesthetics, the two-story cube designed by the architects from richter+partner is convincingly impressive. Triple insulation glazing equipped with EUROWHITE NG as the basic glass was used for the large-scale glazing of the structure’s front and back side. Thanks to its colour neutrality, the extra-white float glass helps create pleasant surface optics that underscore the simple aesthetics of the cube.

While the glass surfaces on the garden side open up an unobstructed view of the Djurgårdsbrunnsviken bay, the glass façade on the street side was also equipped with external wooden lamellae. By way of projections and recesses, these filigree elements give the façade a relaxed impression while providing elegantly designed visual privacy at the same time.
A highly-transparent all-round talent: In summer as well as winter, together with a SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal insulation layer, the insulation glazing also saves energy and provides a pleasant indoor climate.

On the second floor, a terrace stretches across the entire width of the building’s wing. EUROWHITE NG also serves as the basic glass for the glass guardrails – due to its neutral colour and extremely low reflection, the extra-white float glass provides maximum transparency, making the elegant railing almost invisible to the beholder.

Construction Panel


Project:                                              Residence of the German Embassy, Stockholm

Location:                                           Stockholm, Sweden

Building contractor:                          Germany

Architect:                                           richter+partner Architekten, Bergerac (F)

Completion:                                       2018

Products:                                           EUROWHITE NG, SILVERSTAR EN2plus

Insulation glazing manufacturer:      Simon Glas, Bückeburg

Metal fabricator:                              wiko-Metallbautechnik GmbH & Co.KG,   Lübbecke

Copyright © 2018 Åke E:son Lindman, Lindman Photography