Everything under control with the individual glazing solutions from EUROGLAS

The concept of contemporary glass façades calls for innovative solutions that meet the stringent demands of function and aesthetics on all levels. By design, the properties of the high-performance SILVERSTAR COMBI and SILVERSTAR SELEKT façade glazing from EUROGLAS have been harmonised for optimum effect: They combine thermal insulation and sun protection, without any need for façade planners to compromise on the light transmittance. Thanks to the wide range of different glazing, the two product families offer the maximum choice of options. The visual impact is also taken care of: From the neutral appearance to modern grey tints, to brilliant reflections – SILVERSTAR COMBI and SILVERSTAR SELEKT provide the right glazing solution whatever the architecture.

The SILVERSTAR product families include both all-round glazing which offers a balance between sun protection and thermal insulation, as well as glazing excelling in especially high-performance sun protection. To enable architects to fine-tune the façade design to optimum effect, not only is the SILVERSTAR family being steadily expanded, the glazing performance values are also continuously monitored and improved.

Good combination: SILVERSTAR COMBI
With SILVERSTAR COMBI coatings from EUROGLAS, developers have everything under control: The façade glazing offers good sun protection with optimized thermal insulation whilst simultaneously ensuring maximum light transmittance. Here again, the product offering and range of applications are continually reviewed: For example, the new SILVERSTAR COMBI Grey 70/35 adds modern glazing to the product range that not only meets the stringent requirements for energy efficiency and natural daylight but also amplifies the scope and possibilities of design for architects. Because the neutral, slight greyish tint of the façade glass is a really impressive feature – this special colour nuance enables planners to design attractive glass façades with a particular look that has an extremely uniform appearance thanks to the innovative SILVERSTAR technology. The g-value of both SILVERSTAR COMBI Grey 70/35 as well as the new generation of the neutral colour variant COMBI Neutral 70/35 NG was able to be improved by two percent compared with the predecessor product. The new COMBI Neutral 70/35 NG also comes with the temperable T-Version COMBI Neutral 70/35 NG T, here again enabling the range of potential applications to be expanded. Both new glass types achieve an excellent selectivity of 2.0.

Lots of light for a high quality of life: SILVERSTAR SELEKT

The name says it all: SELEKT represents a combination of good lighting and pleasant sun protection. As a result, the coated SILVERSTAR SELEKT glazing provides efficient
sun protection with the maximum amount of natural daylight – reducing energy costs and also increasing the level of comfort in the building. SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 is a more versatile and efficient classic product amongst the SELEKT range. The façade glass is especially suited to use in regions such as Central Europe which has a moderate climate and changing seasons: Whilst it provides basic sun protection during the Summer, in the colder Winter days it provides a passive energy yield. With a coating on the insulating glass position two, the twin pane version of the SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 allows for an excellent light transmittance of 74 percent. SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 combines function with efficiency: so it is not only suitable as year-round glass for buildings with larger window surface areas but also for use as sun protection glass for private households.

Lots of light, minimal heat: Top ratings for SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT
SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT 60/27 is the right choice for increased thermal insulation with a simultaneously high daylight yield. The ratio between light transmittance and sun protection produces an excellent selectivity value of 2.2. Thanks to this high rating, the façade glass ensures maximum natural daylight whilst at the same time preventing the rooms from overheating – so SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT is particularly suitable for large glass façades which are exposed to high solar radiation. Maximum scope for design The façade glazing with individual SILVERSTAR layer design not only fulfils important thermal and solar functions – they also look good. In addition to the individual surface design, designs can also be applied to selected glasses: From metallic gloss to satin, to transparent or mirrored – the glass can be processed using methods such as screen printing or sand blasting techniques or refined using techniques such as ceramic digital printing, acid matting or etching. This allows the façade glass to either provide discreet support for the overall design concept or to create special eye-catching elements through expressive colours and patterns.The right one for every one Every building has its own unique character – and the matching glazing solution. In addition, nowadays a whole host of different factors, such as location, orientation and use of the building, have to be taken into consideration in the concept design of glass façades. Thanks to the diverse, coordinated properties, the SILVERSTAR glazing offers a wide range of products and meet all the key requirements for a modern and sophisticated architecture with individual design features. Ready with the right solution at all times: Moreover, in future delivery of the façade glasses produced at different locations will be even faster because the availability has been adapted to market requirements thanks to the distribution through Euroglas Germany.