Glas Trösch at BAU 2017 „Light and Reflections“

Glas Trösch presents itself at this year’s BAU under the motto “Light and Reflections”: four glass cubes provide the multifaceted glass design with an appropriate setting and show the colourful and diverse combination of light, reflection and transparency. At the trade fair stands in hall C2, booth 310, the visitor is given an insight into the almost unlimited possibilities that glass offers, and can marvel at the manifold designs and functions of the interior and façade glass elements from Glas Trösch.

Design glasses are the centre of attention in the largest cube – opaque and transparent and reflecting surfaces alternate here and present a multitude of patterns and surface finishes. One highlight is the design glass FILIGREE DECO, which unites reflectivity with digital print technique, thus enabling particularly filigree displays. In addition, special façade glass with refined visual features is displayed such as the solar control glass SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE and the thermal insulation glass SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42, for example. Whilst the white-silvery coating of WHITESHINE Whiteshine ensures that a brilliant interplay of colours arises on the shimmering façade surface, the thermal insulation glass SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 impresses with its maximum colour neutrality.

The three smaller cubes each focus on a special individual topic. One of the three by three metre glass cubes displays the new façade glass SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect
BIRDprotect: the glass, developed in cooperation with the Ornithological Institute Sempach (CH), clearly combats bird impact and can be equipped with individual motifs. Another cube shows different types of constructive glass manufacture – presented by the safety barrier glass railing system SWISSRAILING two sided NG and three showers.
A very special highlight at the Glas Trösch booth is also the newly developed luminous glass SCREENLIGHT. The only twenty millimetre thin glass adds a new brilliance to all rooms: pictures or photos can be displayed with the luminous glass for the individual design of kitchens and bathrooms, boutiques or hotels. At this year’s BAU, SCREENLIGHT brings one of the three by three metre glass cubes to light with pictures and colours.

We look forward to your visit at the BAU in hall C2, booth 310!