Staircase with glass elevators

The parts of the building, Dock1 and Dock2, are linked together via an external stairwell with glass lifts.

Modern greenhouse directly on the water

The thought-provoking structure stands out from its surroundings.

Combination of Corten and glass

The combination of corten steel and glass lends the building an industrial charm.


Light and airy business complex with industrial charm

EUROLAMEX S Phon creates a pleasant indoor climate with optimum noise protection Shaped by the two characteristic façade materials corten steel and glass, the new creative quarter, Jaffe12, clearly stands out from its immediate surroundings. The matt, rust-coloured patina and reflective glass surfaces on Jaffe-Davids-Kanal in Wilhelmsburg near Hamburg provide a distinctive, complementary element. Thanks to the choice of materials, the new business complex not only provides a reference to its long history as an industrial location but is also a symbolic example of a project with ‘charisma’, unequivocally making a successful leap across the river Elbe. EUROGLAS produced the laminated safety glass EUROLAMEX S PHON for this project which, thanks to a special noise insulating foil, offers improved noise protection and creates a corresponding, pleasant working environment without any disruptive outside noise, e.g. caused by deliveries.


Impressive panoramic views

The complex comprises two three-storey blocks, supplemented by a raised, six-storey tower waterside structure, the aim of which is to reinforce the distance effect of the business complex. The parts of the building, known as Dock1 and Dock2, can be accessed via two external glass lifts and two stairwells which simultaneously link the two blocks together. The raised tower structure offers impressive panoramic views. From here you can even see the Köhlbrand Bridge, the Elbphilharmonie and the Hamburg Television Tower.

Maximum flexibility played a key role in the development of the spatial distribution. For example, the ground floors house flexible multi-functional halls, allowing for a range of differing floor plan sizes from 100 m2 to 1000 m2. The bright and airy rooms are particularly suited for use as showrooms for tenants from the fashion and design sector.



Industrial charm

The glass façade consists of transparent as well as opaque surfaces made from laminated safety glass, edged with clearly visible aluminium profiling.

Thanks to the rather small-scale structure and large proportion of distinctive construction material, the façade radiates an industrial charm reminiscent of factories at the turn of the century. The corten steel elements, shaped like brackets, not only enclose the glass façade and the renovated old building but also frame the entire site and in part actually extend down into the water of the adjacent canal. In this way, the building complex establishes a connection with its environment despite the highly contrasting façade materials.


Optimum noise protection and pleasant indoor climate

The EUROLAMEX S Phon noise protection glass was processed by the firm of Simon Glas in conjunction with the coated glass SILVERSTAR Combi Neutral 70/35, manufactured by Glas Trösch in Bützberg, to create a double insulating glass. The combination of EUROLAMEX S PHON and SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral simultaneously meets a number of requirements for a pleasant indoor climate: Whilst EUROLAMEX S PHON guarantees maximum noise protection, the coating with SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 70/35 additionally provides for good solar control as well as optimal thermal insulation and yet still permits high light transmittance. EUROLAMEX with matt foil was also used in order to achieve improved privacy for the working spaces.












Construction sign

Project:                                           Jaffe12, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Developer:                                     Hans E. H. Puhst 
Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg

Architect:                                         A-Quadrat Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH, Hamburg

Glass production:                        EUROGLAS GmbH, Haldensleben 

Insulating glass processing company:   SIMON GLAS GmbH & Co. KG, Bückeburg

Execution:                                       wiko-Metallbautechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Lübbecke

Products:                                         EUROLAMEX® S PHON,  EUROLAMEX® matt,  SILVERSTAR® COMBI Neutral 70/35