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SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 sets new standards in terms of sun protection


Plenty of light at pleasant temperatures

SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 sets new benchmarks in terms of solar protection EUROGLAS SILVERSTAR SELEKT façade glazing is an excellent, all-round component as it provides effective protection from the sun and good levels of thermal insulation in winter. The all-season glazing's high levels of light transmittance additionally create a bright ambience in which users will be more inclined to remain. SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 supplements the SILVERSTAR series by a glazing variant that sets new benchmarks in terms of solar protection on the basis of its g value that has been improved by two percent.

Light must penetrate, heat must be excluded – when planning glass façades, not only are high rates of daylight penetration required, but also efficient protection from excessive heat. SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 merges these two aspects: the total energy transmittance of double insulation glazing featuring SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 coating totals 38 percent to thus offer excellent solar protection, with values having been improved in this context by two percent compared with the predecessor model. At the same time 70 percent light transmission demonstrates that the façade glazing not only protects from excessive solar radiation, but also meets the demands for plenty of daylight.

The glazing meets the strictest requirements to optimised room temperatures and boasts energy-saving properties as pleasant temperatures are also maintained during the winter months. The low thermal conductivity coefficient of 1.0 W/m²K when used as double-glazing guarantees low levels of heat loss and enables building owners to save energy and minimise costs.

From the outside the redeveloped façade glazing also convinces thanks to its slightly blue tint. The special colour nuances create glass façades with a particular look characterised by an extremely homogeneous appearance thanks to innovative SILVERSTAR technology. The low levels of external reflection totalling 13 percent and the high colour reflection index of 96 provide clear views that will not only benefit visitors, but also protect birds.

SILVERSTAR SELEKT 70/38 is not only suitable as all-season glazing for buildings with larger window surfaces, but as a result of its good price/performance ratio it is also suitable as solar control glass for private households.