Facade Glass House for a special aesthetic

Thanks to the very good colour reproduction index and high light transmittance, SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 offers a façade glass for creating a very special, aesthetically pleasing look.


SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 from Euroglas: Optimised all-round talent

he predecessor, SILVERSTAR SELEKT, has already proven itself as a popular all-rounder amongst façade glazing: The versatile classic product is ideal for use in regions such as Central Europe which has a moderate climate and changing seasons. Whilst in summer the glass provides basic solar control, on colder winter days it prevents excessive heat loss. SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 has now enabled EUROGLAS to optimise façade glazing: In addition to its basic energy-saving properties, the new development offers a two-percent improvement in light transmittance and is even more colour neutral than its predecessor.

The name says it all: The twin pane SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 design with coating applied on insulating position two provides a light transmittance of 74 percent and a total energy transmittance of 42 percent. The SELEKT name is also synonymous with a combination of good lighting and basic solar control: The ratio between light transmittance and total energy transmittance gives a selectivity indicator of 1.76. This good level demonstrates that SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 helps to create light spaces without totally ignoring solar control.

With a heat transmission coefficient of 1.0 W/m2K in accordance with DIN EN 673, as a double insulating glass it is also a reliable partner in Winter. The interior spaces are diffused with sufficient daylight and the low thermal loss is a benefit from the energy-saving aspect.


Thanks to its colour neutrality SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 is particularly well suited for use in architecture with demanding aesthetic requirements. The excellent colour reproduction index of 97 provides pristine clarity and allows planners greater scope in the design of glass surfaces on modern buildings.

Thanks to its versatility, SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 can be used wherever moderate climates and changing seasons require an insulating glass that performs equally well on a number of levels. Architects and developers not only benefit from the broad-ranging properties of the glass in the concept and design of large glass façades on modern office buildings, but also for windows, doors or conservatories.


In addition, SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 is user-friendly when it comes to processing as it’s also available as a temperable version. The processing company can immediately cut and temper the glass, significantly shortening the delivery times. The technical values of the tempered SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 T are the same as those for SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 so here again there is no need for any compromises to be made. The new coating design is also more scratch-resistant than before.

SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 adds another façade glass to the SILVERSTAR product line, offering a versatile all-rounder which has an extended service life and simultaneously optimises the handling and supply process.