Facade Glazing with SILVERSTAR

The white shimmering surface of SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE gives glass facades a very special sheen.


SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE - Brilliant play of colour and more protection

Where large glass facades are used, the major concern of planners and building owners is to let the natural exterior flood generously into the interior of buildings while at the same time protecting the interior against heat, sun and prying eyes. Whether for office or residential buildings - SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE combines both aspects and additionally gives glass facades a very special characteristic: the classy, silvery-white coating ensures that the incident light is reflected on the exterior side and a brilliant play of colours is created on the shimmering surface of the facade.

Through the reflection of the natural surroundings, SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE enables different reflections on the elegant surface, depending on the weather, while at the same time providing protection against prying eyes, the sun and heat. With a double-pane construction of insulating glass and additional SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal insulation coating in position three, the light reflectivity to the outside is 38 percent, while at the same time the colour rendering index Ra in transmission attains the maximum value of 99 and thus ensures an optimum view of the outside from the interior.
SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE not only captivates through its special looks; it also meets the high demands of modern construction for an optimised room climate with energy-saving properties: the total energy transmittance for double insulating glass with additional SILVERSTAR EN2plus coating is around 47 percent in summer, thus offering very good solar protection. With thermal transmission coefficients of 1.1 W/m²K and 0.6 W/m²K for double and triple insulating glazing respectively, cosiness is maintained inside the building in winter too.
The light transmission in turn is around 56 percent for double insulating glass and 52 percent for the triple variant. SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE thus supplies the interior rooms with sufficient daylight, while the combination with a thermal insulation coating guarantees at the same time a pleasant room climate.