The Basis for Innovation

EUROGLAS at glasstec 2016 This year EUROGLAS will again be exhibiting at the world's largest industry gathering, glasstec 2016 in Düsseldorf, with a large two-storey stand in Hall 11, Stand D12. The company will be providing an impressive demonstration of how it not only plays an important role as a base glass manufacturer but also offers innovative façade glazing solutions. During glasstec 2016 the focus of the presentation will be on SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42: In addition to its energy-saving properties, the optimised façade glass offers improved light transmittance and is even more colour-neutral than its predecessor.

The Euroglas colours are the dominant feature of the two-storey stand at this year’s glasstec. Not only will selected wall surfaces of the stand reflect the radiant Euroglas blue; the central glass floor surfaces have also been created using the fresh shade of blue. EUROLAMEX laminated safety glass with a blue filter between the two panes of float glass was used for this purpose.


In addition to the blue colouring, float glass, with its characteristic greenish hue, was chosen for selected areas of the trade fair stand. The transparent green picks up the glass pane in the Euroglas logo as a design element. The stand therefore radiates refreshing colours which are not only representative of the EUROGLAS corporate identity (CI) but are also symbolic of the company’s innovation and bold desire to advance its development.


In addition to the CI colours, the dimensions of the base glass lines served to provide a creative foundation. On the first floor of the stand the large float glass panes were fitted to three fully-glazed cuboids. The construction of the stand simultaneously ‘takes a back seat’ to the glass and as such puts the transparent material in the spotlight.


The basis for the product innovation SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 is the premium-quality float glass which EUROGLAS produces at four locations. With the plants in Hombourg (France), Haldensleben and Osterweddingen (Germany) and Ujazd (Poland) EUROGLAS has secured the independent supply of base glass for the processing plants of the Glas Trösch Group as well as its partners and external clients. The Ujazd plant, which opened in 2009, alone produces around 1,000 tonnes of float glass every day.


The four float glass plants will be operated in partnership with other leading glass processing companies and can be described as the most advanced glassworks in the world. In addition, thanks to its own coating systems in the Haldensleben and Ujazd plants, EUROGLAS also provides for the production of thermal insulation and solar control glazing as well as sound insulation glass and is therefore able to supply glass processing companies direct.