Quality Engineer check the glasses


Always True to size


What is quality?

Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Consider wine. Now, somewhat more precisely: Think about a very special wine, a ROMANÉE – Conti (Burgundy, France). This wine is among the world's finest red wines. With a limited production of 5,000 bottles per year, it is also known as the “Gift from God.”

Let your thoughts roam a little further: Now taste this unique wine and allow the deep, slightly sweet flavour to completely unfold in your mouth. The taste of a Romanée Conti definitely cannot be compared with ordinary wines. Strictly speaking, however, Romanée Conti is not a "Gift from God” but rather the result of a lengthy, difficult work and monitoring process with quality requirements that undoubtedly go beyond normal specifications.

In the same way, there is a prescribed regulation of glass production that aims to guarantee a minimum level of quality. Our working primer for glass production is anchored in DIN EN Standard 572-2:2012:

Glass in building – Basic soda lime silicate glass products – part 2: float glass.

A somewhat unwieldy name for a DIN standard that defines requirements, dimensions and minimum quality. However, this minimum quality is unacceptable for either customers or us. We therefore focus beyond this DIN standard in compliance with internal specifications that are adapted to the requirements and wishes of our customers and meet our special demands.

What measurements do they contain?

  • Thickness measurement
  • Dimensional stability (length, width, angular accuracy)
  • Defects in or on the glass
  • Optical inspection (zebra test)
  • Comparative streaking test
  • Edge illumination
  • Deflection of the glass (boat)
  • Fracture behaviour
  • Chemical resistance and physical properties


In the process, we distinguish between measurements during production and after de-stacking. Ask your representative if you wish to learn more about individual measurements.

With special work (thickness changeover, colour change, etc.), the audit and test intervals are changed and, if necessary, increased in number.

Since we are an ISO certified company, the audits and tests are described by process descriptions or work instructions in our quality management handbook. 

This comprehensive and expensive control system clearly shows that We do our best to guarantee you the finest possible quality! And what's more: unlike the expensive Romanée Conti, we naturally offer you our glass at a reasonable, moderate price!