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Welcome to our soccer world cup - prediction game!

Wether you are interested in football or not, a competition like the soccer world cup

attracts many in the stadion and in front of the television.


We are curious who will win the competition and invite you to take part to our prediction game.

Give your tap and win nice prices!


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Your participationen will be rewarded:

10 prediction game player have the chance to win:

a Amazon voucher in the value of 20 €


You can fullfill a tiny wish.

You have the chance to win

one of  four practically Makita  battery screwdriver.


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A new echo for your home - You have the chance to win one of two Amazon Echo

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If you bet on the right team,  you have the chance to win

a Nokia life tracking watch.

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Final - Final

If you bet the correct champion you will get support to cut the lawn.

Win one Makita accu mowing machine


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