• LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass
  • LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass
  • LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass
  • LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass
  • LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass
  • LUXAR Anti-reflective coated glass

Anti-reflective coated glass

Whether you are visiting an exhibition, at a point of sale, looking at a storefront or in your car, anti-reflective coated glass gives you the impression that there is no glass separating you and what you are looking at.

Our LUXAR anti-reflective glass gives you full visibility up to a viewing angle of 45° with no disturbing reflection. Its magnetron-coated surface reduces reflection to less than 0.5% – and thanks to the anti-reflective coated glass, you can enjoy the full beauty of colors with no color shift.


  • clear view thanks to the reflection-free coating
  • minimal residual reflection (LUXAR® 0,5%, LUXAR® Classic <1,0%)
  • full color view with no color shift
  • coating offers high durability and abrasion resistance in accordance with ISO standards
  • improves level of light transmission
  • improves U-values and SHGCs (Solar heat gain coefficients / g-Value) for insulated glazing when used in combination with SILVERSTAR heat and solar reflective coatings
  • can be used in combination with silkscreen printing
  • LUXAR: Max. size: 3005 x 1900 mm (3-12 mm)
  • LUXAR F: Max. size: 6000 x 3210 mm
  • LUXAR CLASSIC: Max. size: 950 x 1475 mm oder 1900 x 1475 mm (2 mm); 1900 x 1500 mm (3 mm); 1900 x 1475 mm (4,4 mm VSG)

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  • Architectural applications (facades, interior design, winter gardens, counters)
  • Shop fitting (storefronts, glass cabinets, points of sale, product display cases)
  • Display screens (covers for LCD-, LED-, OLED- and plasma-displays as well as video walls)
  • Museums (picture glass, display cabinets)
  • Automotive production (dashboards, interior and partition glazing, windscreens and rear windows)

Design Attributes

Combination with other EUROGLAS-products possible:

  • EUROFLOAT, EUROWHITE for all types of float glass
  • EUROLAMEX design and protection with laminated glass
  • EUROGLAS ESG Flat design and protection tempered glass
  • SILVERSTAR® Insolation glass for heat and sun protection
  • COLORPRINT in combination with Screen printing



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