• BEAMSPLITTER  Light transmitting special glass with mirror effect
  • BEAMSPLITTER  Light transmitting special glass with mirror effect

Light transmitting special glass with mirror effect

The particular application dictates whether you choose beamsplitter glass with 70% light transmission and 30% reflection, or our 50% option. Every single variant of the beamsplitter glass has an optical thin-film coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio. Choose from monolithic glass, laminated glass or toughened/tempered glass as the core material. To prevent ghosting, it is possible to have a single-sided LUXAR anti-reflective coating on the opposite side of all our beamsplitter glass sheets.

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technical data:

beamsplitter (monolithic glass): 70/30%; 50/50%

light transmission (coated side): 70%, 50%

light reflexion (coated side): 30%; 50%


  • Dual view: reflection and transmission of light
  • Two degrees of light transmission and reflection available
  • True-to-source color of both reflected and transmitted light
  • Versatile design material, both for interior and exterior applications
  • Coatings offer high durability and abrasion resistance in accordance with ISO standards
  • Weatherproof and extremely low levels of absorption
  • Supplied with protective film

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Customized beamsplitters are available upon request.


Beamsplitter glass is a popular design material for applications where a high level of light transmission is required and where a mirror effect is essential. The best-known example is the teleprompter, which reflects the text displayed by a monitor using a two-way mirror positioned in front of the camera lens. Thanks to the two-way mirror’s transparency, camera operation is not affected.

  • broadcasting equipment (teleprompters)
  • measuring instruments
  • laser equipment
  • interior design and exterior architecture



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