• Outstanding energy balance
  • Outstanding energy balance

The triple insulating glazing for maximum thermal insulation and solar energy gains

Lasting energy efficiency combined with high working dwelling comfort.


  • extremely high g value up to 66 % for an optimal use of the solar energy
  • maximal light transmission of 75%for light-flooded rooms and a pleasant feeling of comfort
  • thanks to the triple glazing, thermal insulation is improved by 80% with respect to modern double glazing
  • reduction in energy expenses thanks to low Ug values
  • depending on the requirements of the insulation concept, the Ug and g values can even be optimized individually further with respect to the standard types


SILVERSTAR EN2Plus is the new standard glass for modern architecture:

  • residential sector
  • commercial sector
  • passive and low- consumption homes
  • renovations projects

Design Attributes

Combination with other EUROGLAS products possible:

  • EUROGLAS ESG Flat design and safety with temperable glass
  • EUROLAMEX design and safety with laminated glass


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