• Individual facade views in combination with cosy room comfort
  • Individual facade views in combination with cosy room comfort

The energy-efficient solar control glass for creative effects

Modern glass facades with the highest standards in aesthetics, well-being and climate efficiency are a fixed component of contemporary architecture. The new SILVERSTAR WHITESHINE coating unites these aspects and gives glass facades a special characteristic – a captivating exterior view with silvery-white reflection for individual facade designs, high light transmission and an optimised room climate at the same time meet the high demands of modern construction and ensure cosy room comfort.



  • Brilliant plays of colour through reflection of the natural surroundings in all weathers
  • Extremely homogeneous views from all viewing angles thanks to innovative SILVERSTAR technology
  • Effective coating design with wide range of uses – large glass facades and glass roof constructions
  • Effective reduction of energy costs through low input of heat into the room interior in summer and low Ug value of 1.1 W/m²K (double insulating glazing) or 0.6 W/m²K (triple insulating glazing) in winter
  • High-performance sun protection minimises the undesired heating of the room and thus increases the quality of work
  • Combinable with noise protection and security functions
  • A parapet glass is available – we recommend prior sampling
  • hardcoating not temperable

Design Attributes

Solar control glass is used where effective sun protection is needed in areas with strong solar radiation:

  • Extensive glass facades
  • Public buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial and industrial


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