Uncoated base glass

Around 1960 a new process for flat-glass manufacture has been introduced -  the float glass process. Therefore the name of float glass (=flat glass). The float glass process has found worldwide application for the production of glass for construction work. A sensitive process - basic material is melting by high temperature, tough material is "floating" over tin bath and cool down very slowly.

Flat glass is a glass shaped into disks. For example it can be used as window glass as a precursor for mirror and automotive glass. Float glass is further processed to insulation glass, safety glass or other products.It is the foundation for all kind of glass panes.


Clear float glass.

EUROFLOAT is the base material for all glass products. Characteristic for float glass is the light green colour. You can see...


Extra-white float glass with high light- and energy transmittance

EUROWHITE is a highly transparent, extra-white float glass, suitable for use throughout the architecture and in glass design....