Laminated safety glass

Glass is something that people can no longer live without in the immediate environment. Glass is used in a wide variety of areas and must cope with many requirements. Security is one of many factors playing an increasingly important role.

Laminated safety glass (VSG) provides active protection against thrown projectiles, smashing und gunshots, and also affords passive safety thanks to its non-splintering nature. The laminated safety glass mostly used conforms to resitance class A and thus has properties that prevent penetration by thrown objects.


Laminated safety glass for optimal protection inside an outside.

Laminated safety glass consist of two ore more glass planes, connect with an elastic and tearproff layer. The useing pupose...


Laminated safety glass with noise reduction foil

For a quiter world - EUROLAMEX S Phon have a special noise reduction foil in the inside. The glass combine safety and...