Special glass

Whether you need mirrored or reflection-free and highly transparent surfaces, HY-TECH-GLASS opens up a world of premium anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass products for you. Whether you are an architect, interior designer or manufacturer of technical products, our products’ optical thin-film coatings give you a new creative freedom. Thanks to our highly innovative magnetron technology we can transform standard types of float glass into anti-reflective, mirrored or beamsplitter glass – from simple float glass, through insulated glazing, all the way to bulletproof glass.




Light transmitting special glass with mirror effect

The particular application dictates whether you choose beamsplitter glass with 70% light transmission and 30% reflection, or...


Anti-reflective coated glass

Whether you are visiting an exhibition, at a point of sale, looking at a storefront or in your car, anti-reflective coated...


One-way mirrored glass gives you the opportunity to select finest of graduations with regard to transparency and reflection

You like to set your own optical limits? Then our range of one-way mirrored glass gives you the opportunity to select the...